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Meet Josh and Rhi, the heart behind Knights Equestrian! Josh's passion led him to immerse himself in mastering horse training and competing in various events, especially in the world of liberty.​ Josh ventured across North America, leaving a mark at the Calgary Stampede, riding through the Rocky Mountains, collaborating with renowned American horse trainers, showcasing his skills at liberty in front of crowds, and achieving notable success by competing in and winning Mustang makeovers in Kentucky. ​Back home in Australia, Josh and Rhi focused on breaking in and training horses at their facility. They serve as clinicians, sharing their expertise, and actively participate in liberty and cow horse events. Additionally, they successfully run their own liberty competitions.​As the creators of Knights Equestrian, Josh and Rhi aim to share their expertise with you. This website is tailored for individuals like you to access a wealth of knowledge, learning the ins and outs of horsemanship, regardless of your location. Prepare for a journey of discovery, personal growth, and forging a strong bond with your horse. Stay tuned for exciting opportunities, exclusive content, and amazing giveaways set in 2024! 🌟🐴✨

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